Yakovlev Yak-43 VTOL Fighter


This is my design of the Yak-43, the successor to the VTOL Yak-141 that never reached production stage.

In fact, Lockheed Martin bought the design of Yak-141 from the Yakovlev Design Bureau to build F-35. So actually F-35 is a successor to Yak-141. They share the same lifting configuration and their main nozzles' rotary joints.

Auto stabilized (Fakopter[forum.spiderlinggames.co.uk])
Balloon stabilizer and VTOL mode controls disengage when turning into plane mode
Cosmetic engines as gyroscopic stabilizers

VTOL, STOL capability
2 weightless missiles
Simple to control

  • Arrow keys --- pitch and roll
  • L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw
  • Z, X --- ac/decelerate in plane mode, a/descend in VTOL mode
  • L-ctrl --- start engine
  • C, V, B --- VTOL, STOL, plane mode

  • 1, 2 --- missiles
  • Q, E --- cameras

    Center Keyboard Control:
  • R T Y
    F G H --- pitch, roll, yaw
  • M, J, U --- VTOL, STOL, plane mode

MODES: (and how to fly it)

VTOL mode: Vertical take off/landing
Take off: Start the engine with L-ctrl and go up with with Z (ascend).
Landing: Go dwon with X (descend) and turn off the engine with L-ctrl.
Move around: Arrow keys or TFGH.

STOL mode: short take off/landing
Take off: Start the engine with L-ctrl and accelerate with with Z.
Landing: Turn off the engine with L-ctrl and control its speed with Z & X.

Plane mode
VTOL mode -> Plane mode: Hold B. Accelerate with Z to prevent altitude loss.
Plane mode -> VTOL mode: Hold C. Pitch up to stop the aircraft faster.

STOL mode -> Plane mode: hold B.
Plane mode -> STOL mode: Hold C.

Vertical take off and transform to plane mode.

Transform to VTOL mode in flight.


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