World's Smallest Vanilla Plane

At just 22 blocks, I'm pretty confident this is the smallest vanilla plane on the workshop.

L shift: Toggle engine, can be switched to press to hold if preferred.
Up and down arrows: Control pitch, to takeoff first pitch down in order to lift the rear tail, then pitch up to take off.
Left and right arrows: Roll left or right

Link to steam version and skins used are here:
I'll attach the bsg file below


Thank you. nope its just reaction wheels, I've just set them to invisible, you can see them without skins on :)
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I've made it slightly smaller again, reducing the wing span by 4/10ths of a block, and dropping the rear tail fin down a bit, lowering its profile, I think by 2/10ths of a block.
man, i think its possible make a vanila plane smaller, like, just one pipe has all the landing gears, maybe its posible use 1 wheel instead of 2 for pitch, etc....
just ideas:)
lol, i'm actually talking about the plow, but i've forgoten the name.
the plow don't is so big, and will allow the plane fall back when start, making easier take off.
Cant you remove the joints, and put the wings upper, sticked to a new block.
Then, you can remove the braces!
-3 block count, and smaller plane. With the plow as landing gear Idea, you can remove +1 of block count, soooo
22-4= 18 block count vanilla plane! Wow!


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Check if you can manage to make a 5-block one!
16 blocks now, much smaller than the Hummingbird, gonna call it the bumblebee, cos it flies retarded and looks a bit derpy, but I quite like it, I'll credit you when I upload it ;)