Workshop Legal Agreement - Creation Upload

I have been trying to upload a creation to the Steam Workshop and get an error message each time.
Despite having owned Besiege for over a year, this is my first attempt at uploading something.
I am able to successfully subscribe to, download, and use other peoples' workshop creations, and workshop content works fine in other games.

In game, I've gone to the load dialog, clicked the Steam icon on my creation, selected the tags etc. then clicked "Upload New Machine". After clicking this button, the dialog disappears and I'm back in the level, and a small message displays on the screen stating:

"Please accept the Workshop Legal Agreement before continuing".

Searching the forums, I've noticed a couple of other people mentioning the same thing, but none of them seem to have found a fix.

Any ideas?

OSX 10.14.3
Steam Package Version: 1556574584 (April 29 2019)
Besiege v0.75 - 9199 (build ID: 3141040)


Staff member
It's a steam thing, I can't remember where you can agree to it, but try entering the steam workshop through your steam-browser and it might pop up?
In case others come across this in the future, I seem to have managed to fix it by logging into Steam in Firefox, then going to the link:
I clicked the 'Accept Again' button, and Steam had some sort of an error saying it couldn't comply. I then noticed Steam had logged me out somehow, so logged in again, then upon logging in found the page now said that I had to accept the Legal Agreement before being allowed to upload to the Steam Workshop, and the button which had previously said 'Accept Again', now only said 'Accept'.
Clicked 'Accept', and uploading now works correctly.