WORKING BIRD WINGS (Zero G needed) LeanTech B Class wings V1

Also, will be opening up a made up machine lab industry too...
Probably will be called Besiege Engineering & Advancements Technology labs (BEAT labs)
Yeah sorry but I don't use any mod, the only mods I allow myself are Custom rotation and auto focus camera to drive. Because those are tools.

I'm a vanilla besiege lover :3
learno Gotta love your approach. No mods equals an actual challenge.
Also V1.5 is a lot of an improvement. Will V2 have four wings with a double engine, or are you still trying to make the single engine design more efficent?
Actually I do not know, I'm trying to make wings be able to steer, at least roll and/or yaw, pitch is a bit too complex, this will need 4 wings, or just a tail with wing panels that can move, it does already work by the way.

But yeah, my main goal is to make 2 wings be able to roll/yaw. I already have some clues to roll and to yaw. Still working on a different wing placement to allow both :)
Then I'll start with builds using at least 4 wings. Sometimes more.
Of course if I see the dual wing design is a dead end, the V2 will feature 4 wings. But I'll do my best.

Thanks for the feedback too ^^
For the intel of anyone reading this, because I bet you already noticed, the wing's 'pitch' is now just a result of air resistance and inertia. it allows a much smaller engine with less vibrations! The engine alone is 32 blocks or something XD. So yeah, really small...
"an actual challenge" Redstoneman. building anything semi complex in this game is a challenge. It just gets worse when you have articulation over multiple joints at different angles/speeds....not easier.
And it gets even more difficult when all those different angles and speeds are produced by only one engine.

If I had used steering hinges for the wing's flap and steering blocks for the wing's spin, it would be cheating for me. And it's not better as you will have to press two buttons to move.
So no thanks. Vanilla besiege is the best.

It's like this rocket mod, for me it's downright cheating. To have such a powerful thrust with a single block is just op.
idk ...maybe i misinterpreted. Text doesn't translate certain emphasis on words and phrases very well ....maybe i just overestimated how much emphasis you intended on the three words i quoted you on.

learno ...That's cool , I get where you are coming from. I used to play like that myself. Lots of my mods are just tools as well ....multimod for rotation , editor+ for half placement and angling ect. I did go kind of mod crazy recently though lol. The reason i used steering hinges and blocks is because the wings on mine are much larger and have independent sections that adjust their pitch to try and decrease surface area on the up stroke of the wing beat instead of the whole wing.