WORKING BIRD WINGS (Zero G needed) LeanTech B Class wings V1


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After days or research, the LeanLabs's team of one genius and his 666 schizophrenic personalities have finally made a breakthrough in besiege engineering.

The LeanTech™ B Class wings V1 are a major advancement in Zero G locomotion mechanisms as likes to say the personality number 3, Martin Walker.
"It was a long way to build such a thing, I remember our ideas-giver Bob, of course he's a moron in terms of engineering, partly because he's the number 665, but I must say his ideas are often the seeds of a historical achievement"

In fact, these wings have the capability to move like live-bird's wings using a complex yet simple motor using wheel power. The builders, Mrs Hopkins and Mr Wreckful, respectively number 5 and 6, wanted to make sure the next step of besiege engineering would be one for everyone. As they like to say, it is only the gate to a castle, they are already working on full steering supporting wings.
Our investigation team at LeanWorldNews, numbers from 300 to 320, wanted to know more and successfully interviewed the CEO, the number 0, aka learno.

Hello Mr 0, so firstly, we are surely all asking ourselves, how did you get the idea to make such wings?
Well it's a long story and I have little time, but let's just say I was playing robocraft back then. And then it occurred to me that I wanted to have flapping wings! But of course it would never have happened. So when I started besiege, I had a vision of me building them. And here they are!
But it if was such a long time ago, why are they out only now?
Simple! It needed only one thing! Zero Gravity. As the weight of the engine is too heavy and the wings offer to little lift, such a thing was impossible in vanilla besiege.
We also heard rumors about the V2 wings and of something called the D Class wings. Are these real?
I see Mr 250's team has failed to cover the facts. Well I can't hide it, we are indeed working on the V2 wings that will be bigger and will allow faster movement, and the support of full-steering wings. The gyros are only a mere temporary solution. But I cannot be so open about the D Class wings. I'd hate to give our dear men and women hollow hopes. I'll just tell you that it's something much bigger.
Thank you for you time, master 0.
But of course, after all you only exist because I want you to MAUAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

The wings support easy driving thanks to their fully automated mechanism.
And as you can see, it's hard to believe otherwise!
Up to go forward.
Left / Right to roll Left / Right
Right Shift / Ctrl to pitch Up / Down

And to remove any further skepticism, here are some pictures taken by our reporter BowlBarrel BagStart, number 319.

And if you still doubt the very existence of this engineering marvel, here is the LeanLab's official download link!
Also available on the Steam Worshop!

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I think we need more posts like this.
You know, puns, bad puns, jokes, non-related stuff ( "I remember our ideas-giver Bob, of course he's a moron in terms of engineering, [bold]partly because he's the number 665[/bold]" )
It makes things a bit more... childish.
I really like that aspect.

The machine is great as well!


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Thanks ^^

yeah... took a while to write. I'm not from an English speaking country in the first place, and most of our English-speakers (teachers included) are worse than a drunk bear.
No joke. So I kinda write that stuff to keep up my level as well :)

Or at least I think I do... hope I haven't made any grammar mistakes... I NEED A GRAMMAR NAZI HERE!!
"But of course, after all you only exists because I want you to MAUAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA"
"But of course, after all you only [bold]exist[/bold] because I want you to MAUAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA"
That's the only thing I could find that seems wrong, but I'm not a grammar nazi soo... yeah.
I hope you find one to help you learn english! ^^
This is a new era you just started, man.
It is kinda slow but I assume that what you posted is the first version that actually worked and pushed itself forward with nothing but wings.
And it doesn't even break!

Basing on this mechanism one could keep coming up with more and more powerful versions, perhaps one day we'll see a mechanic bird fly and maneuver without Zero G enabled...


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Yep, slow as hell. The only thing slower I have is a pogo stick... rofl (yeah, a besiege automated pogo stick, don't even ask why)

And it is the first working version ever XD, I wanted to make it fully rely on a single engine, to ensure the sync of the wing's flap, and the wing's spinning.

But I don't know it without Zero G it will ever be possible :\ The more powerful wings, the heavier engine, repeat.
But maybe... who knows... Just hope I make those V2 working :)
I think strings might be the answer to be honest, but I assume it's either Zero G or Invincible Mode for all bird-like machines, until somebody comes up with another groundbreaking design.
TekmastR I suppose it's kinda easier to try to make them work in Zero G instead of creating unwanted friction by using a wheeled cart to hold the construction up in the air before it can take off on its own >_>
Actually, I don't even know if it's technically possible in besiege. Wings add huge inertia on builds. Even with some kind of gliding wing, I doubt this will have enough power to lift. And even less to steer.

Sad D:
It's possible, you have to make the wings flap in a circular motion, where the wings also tilt to create lift corresponding to the direction it it moving.
If you didn't understand what I said, search on YouTube bee flapping wings slow motion
Yeah, I know, already watched a bunch of videos about that, it's not about the wing's movement, it's about everything!

I would need to make at least 4 wings to carry the bot, and two more to move it. That will make at least 2 different engines, which will be too heavy. And I don't think it will work, these wings are really crappy in terms of lift.
What I need is maybe build a hummingbird, and that means a goddamn fast wing flapping speed, not achievable without breaking the whole thing, and a goddamn light engine.
Moreover, birds use lift from speed as well. If wanted to make wings more realistic, but currently my V2 wings (still working on them, but have a decent prototype) can go only twice or thrice faster. This is good of course, but once you make a cart with wings, like you said, you see that on ground, they can't keep up with a running peasant. That's the main problem.

But if you build such a flying thing, then you're the master ;)
I built an articulated ornithopter a couple of months ago using steering hinges and gears. It almost pretended to act like it was trying to work....i guess? I used the No Bounds mod to set the speed faster. Honestly it looked cool and somewhat realistic but the problem with that design was the symmetry of the power applied to the hinges ect. I had the flap action (lol) fairly close to working ...the wings tilted up to decrease surface area and therefore the hypothetical wind resistance (not sure how besiege is on that topic.) during their ascension but the power translated back to the central body and the fulcrums along it was equal in both directions still so it didnt gain any lift. When birds wings are in downstroke they are tensing the stronger muscles to move the wing down in extended position ....where as the muscles used to lift the wings are releasing less energy. So unless someone makes a mod to make steering hinges be able to move different speeds when traveling in different directions my design would never work. Unless...maybe they were boosted with contractible springs on the downward portion of the wingbeat. Hmmm.
I think that using two instead of a single pair of wings would do the trick, since instead of the entire hull bobbing up and down, only the nose and tail would.
This may actually be easier to steer with, since when one pair of wings goes up, the other one goes down, evening themselves out.

If we could somehow make the wings' movement paths intermesh:
- The pair of wings going up would be pulled closer to the hull
- The pair going down would be pushed outwards to maximize the lift

Both pairs would meet in the middle and at the end of the cycle, a stretching mechanism would have to be used in order to prevent wings from hitting each other.
The more fluid the motion, the less stress applied to the hull and mechanism.
Using the custom rotation/angle mod would pretty much be mandatory here.

I think this solution would be our best hope, might as well be wrong, though.
Dragonflies may be the answer.
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Leanlabs have released a new model of wings with now upgraded speed!
However the model announced is a V1.5! Mr Allyurcoinizforme from the investment department, number 151, denounces a scandal.
"It's an outrage! The LeanLabs publicly promised the V2 version! Not some random prototype! If this keeps going on, we are going to sue the LeanLabs for sure!"

It is true that LeanLabs's last moves were unclear and can worry more than one shareholder.
However, one cannot deny that LeanLabs have not been true to their word. Our reporter Mr Bagstart confirms that the prototype can reach much higher speeds as he says himself.
"I saw this thing fly a bit, I must say that the V1 was a bit sluggish and it was quite annoying to see such a thing having such a big problem. But I confirm that this one is going twice if not thrice as fast."
But our reporter Mrs BanchMerk, number 302, puts forward the engine's problems and supports the shareholder's position.
The LeanLabs promised full steering wings, as far as I'm concerned, having a gyro doing the job is not even close to that. Besides, the wings often desynchronize resulting in awkward driving."

Although we tried to contact the LeanLabs's main research team, numbers 3 and 4, we had no response. The only one who agreed to answer is Mr Bob, number 665.

Hello Mr Bob, we would all like to know, why have the LeanLabs released this prototype? And why such cloudy explanations to the press?
Mr Bob:
huh?... agaaa... oohhh wat iz tini end dengeroos?
I don't think that's....
Mr Bob:
A BIRD WIZ A RIFLE HAAAAAA hahahahahahahahahahahaa
Well that was awkward...

Our reporter Mr Bagstart adds that the controls are still the same:
Up to go forward.
Left / Right to roll Left / Right
Right Shift / Ctrl to pitch Up / Down

And sends a series of pictures.

The LeanLabs also gave a download link but this time without any comment.

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So you guys really thing it's possible without Zero G?

Hmmm well costs nothing to try :)
And indeed, for now I always built bots with 2 wings, I can try with 4 or even 6-8. but then I'll need to make a complex mechanism to avoid having 8 engines, that's gonna be the hard part. Then of course, if I get lazy I can just add some balloons and Ta Da it works XD