[WIP] More Bombs For Besiege (Mod)

this mod will add to the game more bombs, that include:
1. nukes,
2. missiles with a larger explode charge limit
grenades that have more explode charge
4. napalm bombs
it will be a bit, cause i'm new to the modding, i will like advice 'bout to program mod more easy(with "more easy" i specify i know to program but i don't know to compile) i hope you'll all like, and i want to say my next mod next to this will be 'bout italian bsg translation, 'cause i'm italian and i want who don't know so much the english can play without problems besiege


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If you're using Visual Studio, press ctrl+shift+b to compile
Sure. All the explosive power and none of the fire. I always wished that fire took a few seconds contact to ignite something anyway. Plus with multiverse coming up, I wish my missiles counted for their pure destructive damage instead of a miss resulting in the target burning down anyway. May as well use flamethrowers or burning ball things.
Quick update: I disappeared for a while, that was 'cause i took much exams in that period but now i am back (i hope) and i am also working on the mod again, i had also to change my PC so i lost pretty much everything but don't worry i am backing to making the mod even with more work than before, i hope i would not have more exams for this time so o_O