why arent there female peasants?

do you think there should be female peasants, and do you want there to be?

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what im trying to explain you is that female peasants d be useless, it "wont help woman", and basically such a "trifle" shouldn't bother anyone

at least not in "early stage"
ok, your opinion has a point, but if you dont mind i would like to continue the post, and stop the bickering.
truce lol :p

Ok, what? Are you seriously trying to make a stand about how there are no females in this game? You realize that a game where you murder a bunch of peasants with flamethrowers, spinning saws, and bombs, it wouldn't be very good if you are doing this to women, especially peasant women.

It sounds like you are trying to say this game is anti-feminist because it has no women. Now, I see you are not trying to be political, but honestly having women in this game wouldn't solve anything. It's not an important aspect.

Im actually gonna say this: it is unrealistic if you had to kill female peasants in this game. In midevil times, it was really frowned upon if invaders killed the women, so instead, they simply kidnapped them.

"#30 BurningTrashcan
they have no genders bro. theyre just some gender neutral weirdos that should be killed"
This is perfect ^^^ they shouldnt be seen as actual realistic people, but they are simply in the game only to be killed.