Where is a new devpost?....

I understand that it is hard to answer but someone promised weekly devposts or something like this.......
Where is these man who promised it?... Where are these devposts?...
Something wrong happens to this world....
As usual, we are promised devpost, regular updates, new things in the game, but each time it is the same, no news for 3/4 months, until the day when the devpost and the Update that goes with, but never devpost to tell us the advanced of the update.

Many things have been added since the first version of the games but paying for having an early access to the games is also being kept informed of the advanced games each week.
It is also having bugs in the game by what the game is in development

I have more feeling that the game is in final version and that there are similar updates in another games. Even the modder community is more active than the developer team ...

I think people will get tired of having to wait 3/4 months for 2 levels and a block in addition.

I think in one year the players of the game will be moved to something else, because the developers are not close enough to the players, and that it is not by coming out of the updates every 2/3 months that the players will stay on the game. Other games like besiege is on Steam, and maybe one of this game is more update than besiege. So people go to the new game, and besiege fall down ... But developers already have our money..
"the developers are not close enough to the players" check the discord sever, there you can directly talk to the devs. Also, you really don't think the devs are doing this on purpose, do you? Also its normal that the modding comunity is more active than the development of the game.
In my opinion the Devpost should come out when there's enough things to talk about. I'd rather have one every 3 months packed with exiting new features and content than a weekly "we working on it but it isn't finished yet" message.

Also, it's quite rude too call the dev's greedy, but that just my opinion.
I'm glad they're focusing on quality rather than quantity. But to make the development seem more alive, perhaps they could work on simple updates and suggestions and release one every few weeks.
Like something that remembers whether you have music on or off in your games with a "0" or a "1" in your level progress txt folder.
Or a "hide visuals" option for braces. I think you'd just have to add a condition to skip the "linerender" command, although I don't know the specifics of the programming so it might be more complicated than I imagine.
Or the RTC option for steering hinges, which was another popular suggestion. IIRC a mod has already been made for that, so it might not be too hard to add it to the official game.

What do you guys think? Is it feasible?