When does my "new member" change to "member" pls want my opinion to matter on the internet

Discussion in 'Forum Related' started by Frostbite-SIEGE, Sep 25, 2017.

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    *hides anime profile pic
  2. ITR

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    1. Your rank doesn't really matter, but I think it changes after you post a certain amount of posts (though Von may have to semi-manually change it)
    2. Your opinion will matter when you stop nitpicking about people posting machines that don't look medieval in the "Medieval Machine" subforum. Out of all the subforums, It's the one that fits the most of those 5, and it's not instantly clear that it's possible to post in WarMachines.
    3. For all your complaining over that, you failed to post this in the "Forum Related" sub-forum, so I've moved your thread from "Besiege: General Discussion" to that

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