Wheelie Cog Car! (Really fast cogs)

Hello everyone, i learned a lot from my first cog car, and now i'm presenting a new one (not suitable for normal driving).

This is probably the cog car with the fastest RPM on besiege. It can eventually do wheelies. Its initial purpose was drifting, but this can't do it for its weight, caused by my brace-easy mind. Most of the times it will fail after a bit. You can't be careful with this.
This cannot steer (You can add it, if you want. Removed it to have minus weight.

And hey, with its extreme weight it can do wheelies!


It has 2 cog engines. Each cog gives power to cog in front of it. The left & right engines help each other.
Then, the cogs get rotated horizontally. The output is inverted. The left engine gives power to the right wheel, and viceversa.
I don't know why, but the inverted output makes it possible. If it wasn't inverted (left engine gives power to left wheel, and viceversa) the cogs would slip or break. This is possible also to the reinforcements (swivel joints in front of the cogs, braced to the chassis.)

Of course the large wheels are set to 0. To ensure that the large wheels don't brake, they are attached to unpowered small wheels.

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Awesome creation! I made your car flying :D
But you can change the machine save files and make the wheels go incredebly fast.
(I nearly made the game crash because it went so fast)
There are tutorials on editing bsg files that you can watch so you can make your own game-breaking design :D
That's a pretty cool design! You could map the large wheels to left and right to get steering without adding weight, if you wanted.
Thank you, but the tank steering would brake the car, since the large wheels have no fraction thanks to the unpowered wheels behind it. To have a tank steering i should remove them, but the large wheels would be stopped when moving. Leaving the small wheels, is useless too since the large wheels force is gave on the small wheels, that arent fixed.