Wheel differential

Yeah but Even a "simple"" open mechanic diff would change the entire game.I made semi-trailer truck (of course my truck has a saddle for the trailer) witch is torque steering.It means With turned wheels goes amlost straight.(Can You guys give a feedback.Alteast like" this topic.
I have this game from yesterday but Ill try somethink.But as a one block would be nice Or better a mod for powered wheels to just adjust them ,lockpower.Cause there are no shafts. And not much space :

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Well, you could certainly program your wheels to adjust speed when you're steering with my scripting mod. Something like: reads the angle of the front wheels -> calculates speed for each wheel -> set the speed slider - on every frame.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I have to try and do it.


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Took me longer than I expected, but I made it.

However, it was impossible to eliminate all sideslip due to middle axis not steering and front wheels always being at the same angle. On actual vehicles, the outer front wheel steers a bit less.

But here it is:
To adapt this script to your machine, just change the identifiers to your wheels and the default speed to the speed you want.

I also included a visualisation of the turning point. It's the red sphere you will see when you are steering: if it's moving with you, you have sideslip, and if it's completely still you are steering efficiently.
It seems that at higher speeds, wheels tend to start drifting because of the lack of grip. Can't really help with that.
Man you are a beast !!!:) I didnt try it yet thought its 1Am and my gril wants me in bed but after work I will check it ,) Cant wait :)
You r master !Thats what i meant!Genius ! :)For me scripting is black magic yet.Hope I will learn how to use tools.I see i have a ready 6wheel project thought<) When come back home I will have fun trying that out <) Im pround of your work ,) You are smart man ,)
Yeah that dude made a good work.he made a real car.But the size and amount of parts tight you hands.He motives me to make a real gearbox with few gears.Will be intresting