What Are Your Favorite Besiege Campaign Levels?

Discussion in 'Besiege: General Discussion' started by Von, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Von

    Von Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Everyone!

    As Besiege's level list continues to grow we're interested to hear which campaign levels, currently in the game, are your favorites and why!?
    To find out we've created a poll for you to participate in: http://directpoll.com/v?XDVhEtlXiHx5SphVzQDZ6YjJbAwWAc2
    You can select which are your five favorite campaign levels in Besiege, if you're not sure which is which, I've included screenshots just below, click the 'Spoiler' button to view them!

    We look forward to seeing the results!

    Ipsilon Levels:
    Tolbrynd Levels:
    Valfross Levels:
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  2. wang_w571

    wang_w571 Member

    Pretty fun community activity!
    Please do more this Spiderling!
  3. Brooka

    Brooka Member

    Just five? Tricky hehe, probably my all time favourite is duke's dear freighters. Sniping them with artillery is really fun.
    A close second is duke's plea, the best castle to destroy IMO. I'd love to see another large castle, its been a while since we've had a new one. Maybe a new castle with ice elelements in addition to brick, where only fire can destory the ice parts, that would add another layer of difficulty
  4. ItsMeTheMcb

    ItsMeTheMcb New Member

    I personally would love to see more flying levels to make players think outside the box or levels where players have to build a deployable bridge, just more levels that require more thought. :)
    that or levels with the restraint of certain blocks or functions (or a setting that prevents things such as wood blocks, balloons, or powered wheels, cogs or spinning blocks). Lastly... could you add ground textures to the ipsilon and tolbrynd levels :) (solid textur
    e make it almost impossible to use flying machines without shadows or looking directly at the map parts if your using a camera block) :)
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  5. QuextArt

    QuextArt Member

    maybe long journey levels where your aircraft or car has to survive long long ride in a challenging field
  6. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    Zone 1 because clear sky and less lag.
  7. stuChris

    stuChris Member

    ah, but it says top 5 :p

    @Von IMO i want more flying levels, perhaps like @QuextArt suggested where an aircraft has to last a long time, but then afterwards in addition has to shoot or bomb a large strange target.
    also, for the coming islands, i mean there HAS to be a volcanic island, some island where you have to avoid lava and not use wood or something (and as for the level design of the lava levels ive pitched, i would love if you referenced the old spongebob movie game trench level concept art and level design, it was (in my opinion) a work of art (and please dont judge me on this topic, i loved that game as a small child.)
    anyway, thanks for reaching out to us, its a pleasure helping the development of one of my favorite videogames :)
  8. Loshirai14

    Loshirai14 New Member

    Odd contraption. because even lesser lag
  9. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    too dark, i want clear sky
  10. Thanasis2003

    Thanasis2003 New Member

    I love the tornado level and basically any level that has wind in it and tons of enemies!!! :D
  11. QuextArt

    QuextArt Member

    new levels should be harder
  12. TekmastR

    TekmastR Member

    Wow, I would have thought zone 20 would be a fan favourite at this point.
    The only thing that new levels need is proper ground terrain (hills covering entire map, uneven/bumpy terrain) with an HD texture to replace the iconic but mortifyingly plain white floor (est. Zone 1) >.>

    Additional Note:
    A canyon level. AND A DESERT ISLE FFS (」゚Д゚」)
  13. Ross

    Ross Member

    It took me a long time to respond to this poll, mainly because I could pick any of these zones. (I kept putting it off and forgetting about it.) There's a great variety of different types of puzzles, and all of them are aesthetically beautiful. BTW, I voted for 6 because I didn't notice you only wanted 5 until after I voted. Also, it said "Thank you for participating. Poll has ended." So I'm not sure if my vote counted.

    Without further ado, here are my choices:

    Zone 9 - Midlands Encampment
    I often find myself coming back to this one for the light challenge of having two different types of low-level enemies. It can be very challenging with some machines, but very easy with others. It's not a two second zone (usually, depending on the machine), but it's also not long enough to feel like much of a commitment. It's a fun, middle-of-the-road zone you can just relax and enjoy.

    Zone 16 - The Duke's Plea
    I had to pick this one because of the castle. Tearing through it is a lot of fun, and I would like to see a variety of castles or other destructible buildings in future zones. Perhaps the new island can have houses and windmills that are small like the houses and windmills in the first two islands, but destroy like the Duke's Plea castle.

    Zone 30 - Argus' Grounds
    The art style is gorgeous everywhere in this game, but this zone is perhaps the most beautiful. The sound effects evoke the feeling of being immersed in an impossibly lush fairy tale forest, and the music contributes to the vibrant fantasy ambiance. Then there's the heroic symbolism of pulling a huge sword from a stone (or ground, as the case may be), and the sword glowing and the crystals appearing once you achieve this herculean feat. And aside from the eye and ear candy, the problem-solving aspect is fun as well.

    Zone 36 - The Awakening Bells
    I wanted to pick another non-destructive puzzle zone, because they really give the game character. There are a lot of great ones I could have picked, but I decided to go with The Awakening Bells. This one challenged me more than the others, and I also wanted to show appreciation for the new island.

    Zone 14 - Marksman's Pass
    Zone 19 - The Duke's Prototypes
    I also picked Zones 14 and 19 because I like to use them to test the maneuvering of my ground machines. (For my slower machines, especially the unarmed ones, sometimes I use Zone 3, The Old Howl Battlefield. But I didn't want to vote for too many of the same type of zone, so I limited it to the ones that I think are more fun.) I enjoy the bomb yak enemies/obstacles in Zone 19 the most, so if I had to limit this to 5 zones, I guess I'd take out Zone 14.

    However, like I mentioned in a bug report, the yaks in Zone 19 now blow up when they reach an insignia. So even if you successfully weave through the yaks, they'll often blow up near you when they follow you to the an insignia, which makes the drifting challenge (linked below) nearly impossible. That takes out a lot of the fun, IMO.

    Drifting challenge:

    Anyway, I hope my feedback helps! :)
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  14. Scaprod

    Scaprod New Member

    Duke's Dear Freighter Convoys. This is my stress-testing level 1 zone. I have most of my warmachines able to beat this level. I think I also set the record. 00:01:75, I don't remember the number exactly, but I know it was near that. Under 2, above 1. 2nd, like Brooka, Duke's Plea. I LOVE deleting the castle entirely by exploding a rocket with an explosive charge of 1000000000000000000. No seriously, a value of 1 quintillion.
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  15. Ross

    Ross Member

    Not to brag, but check out the video at 5:04...

  16. Erikogel1

    Erikogel1 New Member

    I like zones 6 and 12 given the ability to create machines that manipulate those level pieces in various different ways.
  17. Kyseradi

    Kyseradi New Member

    It definitely has to be levcl 35, it was so much fun making Workshop items getting demolished by the high speed winds! XD
  18. Von

    Von Administrator Staff Member

    With the Poll now closed I will be unstickying this topic.
    For those of you interested here is a full list of the results!

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  19. Yuri

    Yuri Member

    what is the egg in the new mining level?
  20. stuChris

    stuChris Member

    its just an egg, supposedly a dragon egg because of the last levels theming

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