Weird wheels

I noticed wheels then to jolt sideways when my vehicules turn around (tank style, no steeering but wheels going in opposite directions)

see gif :

any idea on a workaround ?

this is breaking my machines most of the time because of the stress induced on the supports
no other way ?

edit : the wheels were all the same speed.

I lowered the speed of the middle wheels, and now it's very good, no jolting aside.
if they were'nt laggy, with need of extra block on side qui keep the chain in place.

i made tanks, they're impractical especially for ATV like this guy i giffed :)
what i'm looking for is to avoid the wabbling, not to switch to another type of direction. steering sucks, especially with ATV (in my experience)


Staff member
Unity removed the feature that allowed having different frictions for different directions in Unity 5, so it's been like that since the Unity 5 Update :p