Weird Gyroscopic physics


With the new zero G feature, I tried to build a Cubli like machine, which could rotate using angular momentum. It turned out that when spinning the wheels, it gets harder and harder to rotate the cube further a certain limit, but it also goes back to its initial position when the wheels stop.

Weird physics simulation? Because the angular momentum is definitely calculated.


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Does the same happen if you don't have the wheels on the inside?
It does. I initially just put the wheels on the inside, but it seems that it always returns back to the initial position, even if the blue block is attached to it.


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Aha, I must say that I have that bug too, but on much smaller bots, I had a blimp (a bit like Whirled on a string) but that used a single wheels to turn left / right and when I stopped spinning the wheel, the bot just kept going back to its initial position, and it even got worse when I simply couldn't turn at all! The bot was just too stubborn.

Edit: it was without the Zero G mode.


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Weirdest bug ever, it might be a PhysX/Unity bug though