Water cannon impulse


v. 0.11
If you build machines like on the screenshots, they will move forward (for the first one you should disable gravity to fly). This means impulse of water is much bigger then return of cannon. It can't be true in real physics world.

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his is right this physics is true it looks real to me your blowing wind to the sail and the sail moves were the wind moves


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It's intentional I think, like, to make a more enjoyable game or something.


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ITR is probably correct, its probably like this to make the kickback less annoying for the user.
I can't decide if this is a bug or it was originally intended.
Normally the kickback of the water gun's propulsion of water would cancel out the push made by the collision of the water and the wood blocks.
C'mon this is just rocket science people XD
rockets won't move earth they push there selfs.if recoil is more than push you fly up.if recoil is less than push you will push what you were on (or what you push)

im i right?