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    I would like to see the following added to Besiege, if it's not too much to ask:

    -Water levels, with the ability to raise or lower the level of water in the map editor. I heard about a mod that used to do this but last time I checked, it hadn't been updated in a while.

    -If water is added, then a water ballast block, similar to the ballast block except it can fill or empty itself by pressing keys, but only as long as it is contact with water. This would allow the creation of submarines, boats, plane floats and many other things.

    -A torpedo or parts to make one (e.g. metal propeller, warhead), for arming water-based creations.

    -A part that would make it possible to create some sort of effective anti-aircraft flak explosion. From my experience in multiplayer with friends, nobody was able to design a weapon that had a decent chance against airships or planes flying at a moderate altitude or higher. The shrapnel cannon in particular is very ineffective for such a task. An explosive or fuse that activates at a configurable altitude could allow for the creation of flak or depth charges. Remote bombs could be given options to make them detonate with a grapeshot effect or at a certain altitude/depth.

    -Please, add the cannon and airship units found in some of the single player missions to the level editor.

    -I saw another suggestion for an oil barrel and I think it would be a great idea. Oil could float on water and be set on fire for use against wooden ships, or used by ground vehicles to make infantry or other vehicles slip.

    -This one may not be possible but it could be great to have a part that allows another player to control a mechanism on a machine we made.

    -An option for pistons to extend gradually instead of extending in a binary way.

    Thank you very much for your time.
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    Watermod still works for the previous version of the game

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