Warlock [Drone in a Hovercraft]


Block count: 172
Detachable Drone and loads of weapons!

This is a vehicle split in 2 parts, a Hovercraft and a Drone. The drone can be detached from the hovercraft and fly away to carry out other objectives that the Hovercraft may be incapable of.

The Hovercraft is equipped with 6 ballastguns, 2 missiles and 2 flamethrowers, and the ultracompact drone is armed with a bomb that can be dropped on the enemies.

Addional information:
  • Apart from its weaponry, the hovercraft is able to do minesweeping if it rid all its own explosivess first (the missiles and the dronebomb).
  • The drone is autostabilizing and goes back to a horizontal alignment if you let go of all controls and let it fall for a second or two. This is good for aligning the target underneath it before bombing.
  • The controls are very sensitive on the drone, so I recommend setting down the speed for easier flight.
  • Tapping X can help with more stable flight if played at 100%.
  • Take advantage of the keybindings and control the Drone with your left hand only.
  • Don't touch anything with the wrench...
  • Drive with
  • Reverse with
  • Steer with
  • Fire Missiles with Q & E
  • Fire Ballastguns with 1/2/3
  • Fire flamethrowers with Z
Drone Controls:
  • Detach & Ascend with X
  • Descend with C
  • Pitch with T & G
  • Roll with F & H
  • Drop Bomb (or other cargo) with N
⚙ Neutex's Guide on Advanced Engineering ⚙
Have fun!

Download here!

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I wanted to build the smallest drone ever, but then i realized it was way too small to be fun to play, so I kinda built a machine around it.