VTOL - HarrierMkII (MultiMod)

This is my second VTOL design and it's been improved than the last one.
It's now more like a Harrier because it now has a hover feature. This allows you to have more precision when aiming
but this model doesn't have weaponry. (That will come in Mk III):

Controls: 5 & 8 for elevators, 4 & 6 for ailerons, 7 & 9 for rudder (All on Numpad)
T for initial thrust, Y to hover (Toggled), U & I for landing gear (Hold U to retract and I to deploy
after retraction), Arrow keys to stabilise plane when in hover mode

Note: The hover feature and the vertical takeoff is still a bit hard to do because there's still a few
stability issues but I will try to fix that for Mk III along with some
weaponry so you can blast those sheep into SPACE!

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