VTOL - Harrier Mk III (MultiMod)

I present you the Harrier Mk III! It now comes with two
missiles that are devastating! and better stability control while
hovering in mid-air!
As always it requires the MultiMod to work but if you do want to
download it and modify it to work vanilla you can go right ahead!

Controls: [8,5] for elevators, [4,6] for ailerons, [7,9] for the rudder,
[1,2] for the missiles, [Arrow Keys] for stability control, [U,I] for landing gear
(U to retract then I to deploy after retraction), [N,M] to switch flying modes
(Hold N to switch into flight mode and after hold M to go back into vertical mode),
[Y] for hover mode (Toggled)

It is quite confusing but when you get to learn the controls it should work perfectly. If you
have any issues message me or just respond to this topic. Remember: The missiles' [1,2]
controls are above the keyboard not the numpad.

Hope you have fun with the Harrier Mk III!


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