Vector Thrusters v1.1.21 [v0.45a][ID: 790-791]


@Shade's amazing work with aircraft alongside random chatter about glitches & lag in the Builders' Slack inspired me to make this mod over the past week, so here we are: The Vector Thrusters mod!

Before I get on to explaining how the mod works, I'm just gonna shamelessly plug my brand-new Patreon page.
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The current version (v1.1.21) only adds extended ACM support so I'll leave the previous changelog below.

New version (v1.1.20) released!
I've finally gotten around to updating this mod to add features Shade & Redstoneman requested a few months ago; extended trails and changing the shape of the emission cone. You'll find new sliders in both the thruster and the emitter: opacity, particle lifetime and emitter angle. The first just changes how transparent the effects are, the second changes how long particles stick around for (thereby changing the length of the trail), and the third lets you change how far the particles will spread. Setting the angle to 0 will disable spread, and 90 will create a disc of flames.

Also, I'm in the public Discord server that @MaxTCC set up; I post previews of what I'm working on and also take some suggestions so if there's something you really want or you want to see what might be in the future for mods I'm making/have made: just head on over here, make a free account and join! Hope to see you there :)

v1.1.18 - This version just adds on a bit to the colour control menu; go ahead and click that 'Adv Options' button with supreme justice to A) show the curve controls again and B) reveal the new saturation & value controls. If you're not sure about what these do, just check the wiki page on HSV.

v1.1.17 - This update adds the ability to individually change the gradient of the flamethrower effect used by each thruster and emitter you have, via a new 'Colour' menu. Smoke (fade to black) can be toggled on/off, the starting & ending colours can be changed, and the gradient's slope and start point can be changed via 2 sliders named 'Linear Offset' and 'Linear Scale'. The maths behind the gradient isn't particularly complex but it can be a bit hard to understand at first, so just take your time to experiment with it and maybe take a look at this graph.

v1.1.16 - This is just an update to support Besiege v0.32, but good lord is it annoying to try and work with the code in the game instead of just writing fixes & workarounds... Anyways, now that that's all sorted there shouldn't be any major bugs in the mod, but as always please report anything unusual that you do find. As of writing there is one known bug - a small graphical glitch that causes mirrored block placement ghosts to not be as transparent as they should be, but it's such a minor issue that I'll probably leave it as-is in favour of working on new and exciting things.

v1.1.15 - Some of the builders requested a version of the thruster that has all of the effects but doesn't generate lag, so I put a new block into the mod: the emitter. I took the panels, gears, vectoring & thrust out, so the block generates significantly less lag during simulation (it was doing a lot of stuff every frame). I also put in sliders to control the particle amount, velocity, gravity, and light colour. You can also make the block turn invisible on sim start. I could go on about the other little changes & how stuff works, but it's probably better if you just figure it out yourself as the rest isn't particularly major.
Oh, just one more thing: Unity doesn't seem to like it if you have multiple light sources near the ground, so having more than 1 source of light nearby will cause weird flickering, like the spot can't decide which source it wants to be under. I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can do to fix this, although updates to the version of Unity that Besiege runs on might help.

v1.1.12 - With the high-G flight gif on Reddit doing well and the new ACM version being released, now's probably a good time to put out a new update! This one is largely more visual effects, and patching up stuff, including how the thruster was applying force (I made the exact same mistake I did with my laser mod's kinetic mode). The thruster can now make heatwave effects, alongside its afterburner and no effects. Keep in mind that none of these actually have any affect on gameplay (the thruster won't set anything on fire, don't worry). Also, if you install @wang_w571's Cloud & Ground texture mod, you'll find that the afterburner also emits a small amount of light when night mode is enabled in the texture mod.

v1.1.10 Hotfix - Patched some issues Lench found, including an NRE. Thanks Lench!

v1.1.10 - This update organises the keybind menu a bit, and adds partial support for @Lench's scripter mod & ACM. It doesn't work yet, but will soon(tm).
Also, @Redstoneman modified his F-15 Fighter Jet to accommodate my block. The results are spectacular.

v1.1.8 - Mod Released.

This mod adds a single 2 blocks to the game; a sort of advanced version of the various flamethrower thrusters that have been released (and a version that just makes fancy effects). To start & stop the thruster, just press B. the gears in the engine will start to spin up one by one, and after a moment it'll start to apply thrust forwards. By default, the angle of the thruster's nozzle can be moved by up to 15 degrees in any direction with the arrow keys, changing which direction force is applied. Not only that though, the nozzle's opening can be made larger or smaller with comma and period (both are above right alt on most english keyboards), changing how much force is applied. Finally, apart from key bindings, you can switch up the thruster's exhaust effects between an afterburner, heatwaves and nothing (makes no difference to the thruster's power; it's just fancy effects). You can also switch the power controls from a 'pedal' style (releasing controls makes the power revert to normal), to a 'throttle stick' style (releasing controls doesn't change the power output, although holding both controls does reset the power to normal).

I put in a lot of effort into this mod, especially with the awesome visuals so I hope you all enjoy it! Feel free to post your thruster-powered creations below :)


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Nice, though you might want to consider registering the key for Toggle last, so that the list is nice and symmetrical.
Released a new version. Makes the mapper neater and lets a future version of ACM work with the mod, which should make flying thruster-powered aircraft much easier.

Edit: Released a hotfix to patch around a few issues Lench found.
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To go with the new ACM & Scripter versions that Lench mentioned, I've put up a new version (v1.1.12) that fixes almost every bug I've found in the thrusters mod so far, in addition to adding some neat visual features.
A new version is out! This update adds a nigh-lagless effect emitter for all your fancy exhaust needs in otherwise vanilla builds.
Could you make it so the afterburner and heatwave effects could be combined? Like, under normal operation the heatwave is applied, but if you close the nozzle to maximum power then it applies the flamethrower effect.

Also thanks for fixing the bug that caused it to keep generating thrust even when the simulation was frozen, that was a huge problem
Vector Thrusters has been (finally) updated! This is just to add support for v0.32 and the blockloader's integration into spaar's modloader, but code-wise there were a few somewhat major changes that had to be made and this caused some delays.
Thankfully those changes didn't break anything exceptionally important, so the mod should be almost 100% bug-free (a statistic that I'm very proud of :D).
This mod causes my game to hang when loaded a level - main menu works fine, then when I click a Barren Expanse I just a get blank screen with a busy cursor.

Latest Besiege (0.32)
Latest ModLoader (which allegedly includes BlockLoader)
Mods I have installed
Keyboard Shortcuts
Building Tools
NoBounds this the fault of Mod/BlockLoader, or this mod? I know it's difficult to troubleshoot without debug info from the console...
@AxeSlash I honestly have no idea what could be the cause; the mod seemed stable enough on my computer... Does the game work without the mod installed? Does the mod show as loaded in the console on the main menu? Have you tried deleting the config folder, under mods? Finally, does it work if you install the dev version of the modloader (not the installer or normal version)?
Also, if you could upload your output_log.txt and ConsoleOutput.txt (latter should be under Mods/Debug, though it might be a dev modloader feature), I might be able to figure out what's going on and help you.

E: Oh and make sure you have modloader version 1.5.1. You can get it from github via that link.
Deleting modloader config file fixed it :)

However, the block doesn't seem to work with ACM. I have axes assigned, and in the ACM window I can see the indicator moving when I move the analog sticks on my joypad, but it doesn't actually work when I hit play...any ideas?
@AxeSlash ACM seems to work fine with VT for me. Did you properly set the thruster to use each axis? You could also try re-downloading VT, ACM or the modloader, though I doubt that would actually do anything.
I can't see the block in my block selection. I have the latest modloader that can have modded blocks, and I have ACM, Building Tools, NoBounds, and EasyScale also installed. Am I doing something wrong?


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Deleting modloader config file fixed it :)

However, the block doesn't seem to work with ACM. I have axes assigned, and in the ACM window I can see the indicator moving when I move the analog sticks on my joypad, but it doesn't actually work when I hit play...any ideas?
Vector Thruster should work with ACM. It does require the latest version though (v1.4.7 or higher). For some reason, ACM's update checker seems to be broken so you might still have the old version.
A new version (v1.1.17) is out! This adds the ability to change the colour of the afterburner effect, change the particle texture (check Mods\Blocks\Textures\myfireparticle.png; has to be 128x128 in size) and toggle smoke (fade to black) for both the thruster and the emitter. You can now also toggle the light on the thruster regardless of effect mode (used to be bound to afterburner effects, without a toggle to disable).

The end result of all of this is being able to annoy TGYD with these glorious colours:
Quick update (v1.1.18) to reorganise the colour menu a bit, and add some saturation & value controls that really should have never been missing.