Vanilla Warbird

Bit more shameless advertising for my new plane, but also a request for your guys input.

I've noticed at higher air speeds the plane will roll left, I'm not entirely sure what causes this and haven't really found a way to fix it, I've tried using extra weight on the counter rotating flywheel, but it doesn't really make a difference, I think it might be an aerodynamic issue, working on a fix. It will not roll in zero G, if I use swivel joints and pin blocks, to see if any torque is being transferred to the body of the craft. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Besiege_02_22_2017_01_52_55.png Besiege_02_25_2017_08_26_48.png Besiege_02_25_2017_08_30_05.png
Controls and description are on the steam page: