Vanilla Crane Truck


As TGYD's Building Tool mod is currently broken, I built something vanilla and trying to use the new log block.
Countless frame rate intersection glitch trick (ignore intersection) was used.
Also the 0.125 block placement trick (0.25 placements are done by doing it twice).

Independent hydraulic suspension.
RTC steeing.
Nice interior: seats, steering wheel, gear stick.
Openable doors.
189 blocks.

  • Arrow keys
  • L/R-Shift L/R-Ctrl --- suspension
  • 1 2 3 4 --- doors
  • Crane:
    R T Y --- extend, lower arm, extend
    F G H --- left, raise arm, right
  • Z X --- wind/unwind
  • V --- grabber
  • B --- hand brake (toggle)


  1. Shifts for front suspensions.
  2. Ctrls for rear suspensions.
  3. RTC steering.
  4. 1 2 3 4 for doors.
  5. Extend arm with R & Y.
  6. Control the arm with T F G H.
  7. Release grabber with V.
Also available at:
Besiegedownloads (not updated)


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It's amazing that you made something this functional and detailed totally vanilla! I remember playing with this on the Steam Workshop, and I really enjoyed it.