Vanilla Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey


This is a vanilla build, I used the 0.125 placement and the fps collision glitch for this build.
The video is a proof of it built without mod. Skip to the end to see it flies.

Realistic (proportionally accurate)
Vanilla (no mod used)
311 blocks, recommended time speed 60%~80%
Vertical takeoff and landing, short takeoff and landing capability
Stable auto hovering
Retractable suspended landing gears
Realistic control surfaces

  • Hold P for a second
  • arrow keys --- pitch and roll
  • L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw
  • Z, X --- thrust
  • L-shift, L-ctrl --- tilt rotors
  • C --- landing gears
  • F, G, H --- camera views

hold P till the props are ready. Push Z a little for takeoff. C to retract landing gears.

Tilt rotors forward with L-alt.

A tight turn. Fully tilt the rotors and climb.

Tilt rotors back with L-ctrl. Another tight turn.

Extract landing gears with C. Tilt rotors upright with L-ctrl.

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