USS Enterprise NCC-1701

This is the ship shown in the new Star Trek movies know as the USS enterprise NCC-1701 the ship is classifed as a constitution class heavy cruiser despite being a space ship not a boat.... There have been countless versions of this ship so I decided to do the newest one and my favorite one. the ship comes equiped with ion thruster propulsion, and an incedibly fast warp drive!!! This is one of the best flying machines I have ever built. and a special thanks to Akahige33 for helping me with the project.

Exploring the Ipsilon nebula
Enterprise nebula.jpg

Enterprise Nebula Back.jpg

Rear of the ship
Enterprise rear.jpg

enterprise side.jpg

Enterprise new.jpg

This by was one of the most fun things i have ever built in besiege and it handle just like a Star Ship even with gravity on!!! balancing the ship was the only tedious part.


* It is HIGHLY recommended you download and USE the skin pack

On steam:

* Controls:
Right alt = ascend
X/C = Forwards/ brake or reverse
R/Y = yaw left/ right
T/G = pitch Up/ Down

N = Warp drive (recommended use on large maps)


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