Using steam or water to move vehicles in a different way.

Further experiments - with 50% more power.

Not altogether a success though, as it is directionally unstable. I think the problem is wheel slip. Any turn at all results in more weight on the outside wheel due to centrifugal loads, which grips more, increasing the turn. A differential might help, but that is going to add complexity and increased friction. I've probably reached the limit of how much power can usefully be put through the driving wheels, though I suppose I could try four-wheel drive. :D

Thinking about it further, the directional stability issue might also be partly due to the fact that the cannons on the left side are exerting a turning force. I might do better to go back to a horizontal-axis rotor, which will avoid the problem.

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New horizontal-axis-rotor version:

It is quite fast, and doesn't have the directional instability problems the last version did.

I've added an extra row of torches at the back to cure some of the self-extinguishing problems, but it may still happen if it is put into reverse too quickly - shut off the forward-motion steam (up arrow) first, and let it stop before engaging reverse (down arrow)

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And now, I present to you my last (probably, who knows ;) ) steam engine Series build, this one is like the ultimate.
I will upload others, but these will have a different system.

Steam engine Mini Mk 2 "The mad mohawk"

= 14 W-canon engine
= anti-extinguishing flame chain
= gyroscopic turning
= stabilization side wings
= more powerful hand brake
= faster speed up
= 147 blocks

Max speed:
= falling speed. (a pictures shows you the trail left by the steam and flaming balls, just look at its length to tell the speed)

= the build is game-legit (fits in bounding box, no god mode needed)
= at high speeds the bot will easily drift, to keep a straight path go in slow mo, ignore this if you're a super sayan.

Download link:

And here is the speed proof, I took this picture at the bottom of the map in practice mode. See for yourself the length of the flame trail...

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Another approach: a flaming-ball powered buggy.

Not particularly powerful, but much more reliable - it can't extinguish itself. Steering is nice and precise too.

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Just thought I would tell you guys ........The laser could be really cool for steam powered stuff. It is a source of controlled, on demand ignition obviously and also there is nothing to be extinguished . Plus...even though the beam passes through will not ignite blocks it hits after it has already passed through a block that doesn't destruct after the water cannon.
two lasers could , in theory , alternate powering two different sets of opposing water cannons and act as a rotary engine with both forwards and reverse power transmission via steam. I have an idea in my head but I am working on another machine atm so I'll leave you to it ;)
Well I make robots in this game , almost exclusively. There is already hinges, steering blocks , spinning blocks , wheels , pistons , flying spirals , grabbers ect......all of which operate without any perceivable , conventional power source.....let alone drivetrain or anything that resembles the " medieval " pseudo-theme of this game. I mean...really the wood and iron age theme of some of the parts is the only thing which even slightly pretends to be medieval. If you need justification for the required suspension of disbelief then just say...lasers are photonic magic.
I agree with AJW, even if what you say is partly true Prevenge, but all the things in besiege aren't high tech at all, even if they are actually not medieval, furthermore, the high tech stuff (pistons, grabbers) are all neutral parts, not weapons, these are indeed medieval (even the flamethrower is, as it's just a barrel of Oil stuck to a pipe), so adding lasers would be logical only in a tool way, therefore, they shouldn't be able to burn anything, because that would be downright a high tech weapon.

Besides, if they start adding stuff like lasers, why not then add computers? Add plasma launchers? Magnetic fields? Railguns? Light sabers?

That will turn besiege into minecrap, a game overloaded with pointless stuff that has nothing to do here.
To each their own I guess. There already was beam weapons in this game before the mod block came out anyways.....the obelisk thing in the standing stone level shoots lasers at you. I guess it would have fit the visual theme of the game more if the laser block was made to resemble a magic wand with runes and a crystal instead of a modern/futuristic looking laser.
Here's my idea of a steam engine :p

It's far from perfect, but I used a design I made on earlier versions of the game which didn't have steam.
It is combustion engine inspired. Has two pistons which are pushed by steam in both directions for more power. The pistons push on a crank shaft which transfers rotary motion to a friction clutch.
When the clutch is engaged, the power is transmitted to a 3-way reduction transmission for increase of torque supplied to the wheels.

Here's the BSG.
Press [1] and [2] in the proper rhythm to start the engine.
Press [k] to engage clutch and then keep the engine running with [1] and [2]. It's difficult.