Update 19, Version 0.45 & The Multiverse Announcement


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Hello Everyone!

Today we’re bringing you Version 0.45 and the unveiling of an exciting new addition to the game, The Besiege Multiverse.

[h1]The Besiege Multiverse[/h1]

The Multiverse is a combination of the Besiege community’s two most requested features; Multiplayer and a Level Editor. For the past year or so we’ve been working on not only bringing these features to life but, combining them in a unique way for your enjoyment!

The Multiverse allows Besiegers to create multiplayer sessions of the game (Up to 8 Players) to build, battle and compete with their friends. Alongside this we’ve included a large set of tools, allowing players to not only create their own custom levels, game modes & objectives, but create them with their friends in real time. Furthermore, players can choose to play/simulate custom levels, while their friends are still working on them!

The Multiverse update is not yet ready but we are aiming to have it released by the end of Q3 of this year. As you can imagine there’s a lot of testing that needs doing to ensure your experience of these new features is as smooth as possible.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing regular Dev Blogs, explaining the Multiverse features in greater detail and how it all works, as well as a collection of guides which will help you to get the most out of Multiplayer and the powerful new Editor Tools.

The price of Besiege will also be raised by $2 after the Multiverse update is released, inline with our early-access pricing plan.

Want to find out more? Click Here!!

[h1]Version 0.45 And Other Development News[/h1]

In addition to the exciting announcement above, we also have two new Valfross campaign levels for you to complete/mess around in and some bug fixes to the game.

The first being an abandoned mine constructed by the peoples of Valfross, ruled by the infamous Withered King, with the apparent purpose of extracting ore from the mountainside…

The second level contains one of the great fortresses of Valfross, its mighty towers surviving countless ages of ice and snow, and guarded by fearsome warriors...

In other development news the localization system is entering its final stages of testing and we’ll be hoping to release that very soon. As we previously announced, players will be able to upload custom translations to the workshop and it is our intention to implement the most used of those into the standard game. Work on the options menu is also continuing and we have some other exciting levels in the works which we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks.
Going forward it is our intention to release individual pieces of content as and when they’re ready, instead of grouping them into larger updates.

Well, that's all we have for you right now, we hope you enjoy the levels and share our excitement for the Multiverse update! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.



PS: Please note that each time an update is released, Spaar's modloader is broken and requires updating in order for mods to function again. Please be patient while Spaar updates his modloader and download the new version when he's done. Attempting to use an outdated version of the modloader will cause problems with the game.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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the best update i think, but one question... how does the time work in multiplayer ? for low computer the game doesn't lag ? thanks !!!

sorry for my bad english.
It will be a long tale about Ipsilon Fortress Engineering

When I was completing some levels of Ipsilon I had a trouble (it was v0.15 as far as I remember). It was really hard for me to build a vanilla machine which will be able to destroy fortresses and in addition do some other things as well. The castles of Ipsilon are really strong and can be destroyed only by explosion. The only way to destroy the fortress using v0.15 were bombs which are very unstable and it's a bit dangerous to use them (arrows, wrong construction or just a small stone under the wheel can cause explosion). AND IT WAS INTERESTING!!!
The situation at Torblynd is a bit different. There aren't any strong fortresses at Torblynd. But they aren't needed! There are some other dangers like angry farmers or yaks with bombs.
Knights of Walfross are strong, brave and in some ways cruel. The weather of Walfross is cruel. There are DRAGONS of Walfross! That's why only strong building can stay for "countless years" inspite of weather. When I saw the mines of Walfross I thought that the fortress will be as strong as rocks at this level. But there was just some Torblynd castles with other textures. I am really sad about this fact. I hope that there will be some castles as strong as at Ipsilon in future levels.

P.S. What Is Q3? I've read that it is July, August and September. But Did you really mean that?
Thanks for the update.
will there be a test environment for multiverse when it gets close to the release so we can get a sample of the editor or the multiplayer as it's being developed or getting finished?
I saw "sheep cannons" in this trailer, are sheep now placeable objects in the machine editor?

So, I can place a sheep like a block?
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Maybe yeso_O
The main problem of all level editors in the game was that they didn't operate with static objects( rocks, mountains, grasses and so on). But sheeps have never been a problem. All NPCs have never been a problem. I think that sheeps will be the first thing added to a level editor.
In some on the GIFs you see what looks like 2 armies charging at each other, will the level editor allow you to make groups of NPCs that fight each other? I can't wait to make a battle of five armies scenario and then drop a giant death machine in the middle of it!
So, in one video or screenshot developers showed the tool which allows user to change AI of the warriors. Maybe it will be possible to make warriors friendly to one machine and attack another.