Update 18 V0.42 Has Been Released!


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Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got another Besiege update for you, Version 0.42. V0.42 brings with it 3 new blocks, updates to existing blocks and several bug fixes.

The new blocks added by this update are the Crossbow Block, Log Block & Vacuum Block. The Crossbow Block allows you to fire large arrows at enemy targets and has 30 rounds of ammunition before it is depleted.
The Log Block is… well, it’s a log. The block is three times the length of a single wooden block for use on larger scale machines.
The Vacuum Block creates a suction force that pulls; enemies, objects, debris, etc towards it. This block was designed with both environmentally conscious players in mind (To help them clean up their devastation) and also for those players enjoy obscene levels of chaotic violence.

We’ve also been gradually working our way through some of the game’s original, more dated looking blocks, updating them with improved textures and models.
As previously mentioned in our development post, we have compiled and uploaded a skin pack to the workshop which contains all of the original textures and models for the blocks, for those who wish to continue using them. They can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821757028
Development on other areas of the game is continuing to progress well and we’ll hopefully be announcing some new pretty major features soon! But for now we really hope that you enjoy these new blocks and look forward to seeing what you use them for!



PS: The machine used for the Gif was created by Phantom and can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=482201288
Changelog V0.42


Added Crossbow Block
Added Log Block
Added Vacuum Block


Updated Models & Textures for the following blocks:
- Cannon
- Shrapnel Cannon
- Spike
- Hinge
- Ballast
- Bomb
- Bomb Holder
- Decoupler
- Balloon Rope
- Flamethrower
- Rope & Winch


Fixed fire smoke effect bug
Fragments now maintain material properties
Fixed flipping issue with Steering Hinge
Fixed Piston extension/contraction inversion error on copy/paste
Fixed an issue with Undo/Redo system
Fixed an issue with balance in level 35
Attempted to fix fleeing issue in Zone 38
Fixed freezing zone in sandbox to cover entire area
Fixed an issue with spamming simulation at level load
Fixed error with tree crown interpolation offset
Fixed bug where a block with no joints can’t take damage
Melee Axe enemies now apply a force to what they hit
Fixed damage texture for wooden pole
Fixed bug with damage texture intensity exceeding 100%
Fixed Yak colouring
Boundary grid now correctly updates in build mode
Fixed an issue involving the rope & winch in Zone 37
Fixed rotation issues with rope & winch and braces
Slightly improved Cannon precision in certain set ups
Fixed all bugs and added invisible ghosts to make it look like there's bugs
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"Attempted to fix fleeing issue in Zone 38"
Is that synonymous with "Hopefully fixed fleeing issue in Zone 38"? :-P
I really like the addition of the log, gonna be useful for big artillery builds, new textures look great too. I swear updates always come out when I have a tonne of work to do :confused: I'll have to wait till I can really dig my teeth into it haha
few noticed bugs with new (and old) blocks that i found
1. crossbow is incompatible with infinite ammo.
2. engine "forgets" to update when rocket connected to braces explodes, "pinning" inivisible block to the air, and braces connected to it, which can result in entire machine ripping itself apart when a rocket dissapears.
3. small torch cube cannot light bolts on fire, (or is very difficult, i haven't managed to do it) even though visually bolts go straight trough fire.
PS I don't know if it is intended or a bug, but bolts deal next to no damage, making entire cube kinda pointless :/
Hinge texture update has probably ruined a lot of old machine builds that use Hinges as plating...
Also, tested putting negative values into vacuum blocks. Fun results when it comes to objects, but it doesn't react to terrain.
All in all, good update.
The log is here xD
having friendly soldiers wich you can place and edit programming to an extend would greatly improve the amount of possibillities that besiege has to offer.

just imagine being able to have your own medieval army opperating one of your catapults to destroy a castle. That would be really fun but I can however imagine that something like that would be time consuming to implement.