Update 17 - Version 0.4


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Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got another update for you to sink your teeth into, V 0.4. Version 0.4 brings you the first 4 levels of the new island Valfross!

Valfross is a freezing ice continent inhabited by ferocious axe wielding warriors. The island is littered with ancient holy sites and legendary strongholds that have withstood the ice and snow throughout the ages. No-one has ever been able to withstand the warriors of Valfross, their monstrous armies lay waste to all before them.

We’re sorry that this next set of levels has taken us longer than we previously predicted, unfortunately the final layer of polish took a bit longer than we’d planned and we experienced some performance issues with one of the levels.



Changelog V0.4


Added 4 new campaign levels and a new island, Valfross


Fixed issues affecting Water Cannon particles. They now collide with all the blocks they should again.

Fixed an issue where the boundaries grid wouldn't show up in building mode upon translating the machine.
Lovely job spiderling team!! Just finished the new levels, they look absolutely amazing! Reasonably challenging too, i'll have to get back into building soon