Update 16 - Version 0.35


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Today we’ve another update for you, Version 0.35, which adds the last 4 campaign levels to The Island of Tolbrynd. The next set of levels to be released will be the first ones of Valfros, a new island, and we hope to be bringing you the first installment of them in the next update!

Some of you keen eyes individuals will have noticed us doing a few hotfix patches to the game since the last update to resolve a number of issues with the game. We decide to push these fixes ASAP instead of holding them back fro the update’s release, which is why there is pretty much no changelog accompanying this post.

We apologize for the massive delay in bringing you more campaign levels but we hope that you enjoy this installment of new levels and we look forward to seeing the crazy machines you build to conquer them!



Changelog V0.35


Added 4 new campaign levels, completing Tolbrynd
and, this Valfros, what will be the focus? like, tolbrynd is magic, so the new one will be, like, what?
epsilon was a war in the winter against queen Wynfrith
tolbrynd was a rainy and badly-atmospheric war against the duke
valfros is a wind-tore place....(let's hope it's very hard to fly in)