Update 15 - V0.32 Has Been Released!


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Hello everyone!

Today we have another Besiege update for you, Version 0.32! Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard to eradicate a lot of Besiege’s bugs, that have been building up since release. Whilst this update is mainly about those fixes we’ve also got a new tool for you to try out, The Symmetry Tool!

The Symmetry Tool

The symmetry tool has been on the cards for a while now, basically it allows the builder to symmetrically place blocks with a single click. You can mirror the placement of blocks across three different axis in order to speed up the production of your war machines!

Bug Fixes

The main portion of version 0.32 is bug fixes, in total there are fixes for 62 bugs in the update and made a number of improvements.
We've also had to make significant changes to the game's joint system in order to address some fundamental flaws that were causing serious bugs. As a result we have improved joint stability, however it is possible that certain machines may not function as before and that certain build practices will be adversely affected, these include:

---We fixed a rotation bug that would prevent blocks from attaching correctly, machines that relied on this bug will no longer work properly.
---The Pin Block is now far more rigid, some machines may experience parts snapping off if they are not properly supported when using Pins.

In other news, level production is going very well and we’re hoping to have the next couple of campaign levels soon! Work on other unannounced features is also proceeding well and we should be announcing them in the near future!

We really hope that you find the symmetry tool useful and enjoy a less buggy experience whilst playing Besiege. We’re sorry for the lack of new content in this update but we wanted to spend some time fixing the many bugs that have been mounting up since Besiege’s early access release.

Thank you for your continued patience and enjoy!


Changelog V0.32


Added Symmetry Tool


Undo/redo now works with the flipping of blocks
Changed pin block to use a kinematic system to increase performance of it.
Switching from camera block to default camera now has a smoother transition
Added new option, "More Accurate Physics" that increases physics accuracy
Various GUI tweaks
Switched engine to Unity 5.4.0f3 offering increased performance due to:
---Improved multithreaded job execution (Engine).
---Improved multithreaded rendering (Engine).


Fixed a bug where some machines would break on starting simulation, if rotated in build mode
Fixed a bug with the save files and brace on Linux systems
Fixed UV mapping of bomb to allow for texture on skin.
Fixed a problem where the short version of a skin wouldn't update correctly.
Fixed a bug where the short wooden pole didn't load skins.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to open the skins bar ui during simulation.
Fixed camera block issues where it would slightly affect frame rate after a lot of simulations.
Fixed an issue with wooden poles and double wooden blocks where they would fail to connect.
Fixed music resetting to enabled upon loading new level.
Fixed a problem with selecting a skin pack.
Fixed an issue where only some joints would be broken by freezing.
Fixed various bugs with explosions, now more uniform & are more physically sound.
Fixed a bug where shortened blocks would be saved as their long counterparts.
Fixed rope being able to break in invincible mode.
Fixed invisible crystals in zone 30 breaking before displayed
Fixed an issue where using the Steam Overlay would hide the game’s UI
Fixed bug where Modifier + Tab hides UI
Fixed bug where Tornado force would stack at 0% simulation speed
Fixed issue with the size of the old sandbox’s boulder
Fixed problem where pressing Tab to hide gizmos and 3d hud wouldn’t always work
Sacred flame holder can no longer be moved in build mode
Odd Contraption handle can no longer be moved in build mode
The well bucket can no longer be moved in build mode
Fixed Zone 1 tutorial page counter
Fixed an issue where ropes would be placed oddly
Fixed an issue where the transform tool placement would be off
Zone 17 is now named correctly
Fixed a problem with suspension joints being too weak
Fixed sheep placement issue in Zone 13
Fixed a bug where chickens couldn’t be killed by fire
Fixed a problem where double clicking too quickly would fail to save a machine
Removed floating trees from Tolbrynd level select
Wheels and Saw Blades can no longer be place inside flamethrowers
Fixed a problem with Drills and Saws not killing NPCs
Fixed a bug that caused the level completion flag to get stuck on the screen
Fixed a problem where sometimes the sound for placing or flipping blocks wouldn’t play
Blocks can no longer be placed through toolbars
Fixed a bug that allowed cannonballs to fire through wooden panels
Wooden Pole & Long Block can no longer be placed inside the swivel joint
Fixed a bug where the unpowered wheel would prevent a machine from being destroyed
These blocks no longer have red titles; Steering, Suspension, Spinning, Wing, Wing Panel
Fixed a bug where birds would still produce blood when killed even if it was turned off
Fixed an issue with the long wooden block intersecting and replacing itself with a small one
Fixed an issue where blocks still freeze and break even if invincibility is turned on
Fixed a problem with the half-pole acting as a long pole in sub instances
Using God Powers whilst at 0% simulation speed will now prevent level progression
Fixed an issue where Camera blocks were frozen by the placement of pins
Fixed an issue where copying block settings would allow the player to exceed slider limits
SingleBlock now freezes at high altitude
Wheels now freeze at high altitude
Wooden Armor now freezes at high altitude
Fixed Balloons functioning as normal whilst in a Zero G environment
Fixed an issue with cannons firing at incorrect power when fired using heat
Spikeball is now rendered correctly in thumbnails
Fixed a bug where flipping a piston on a rotate machine would off-set the piston’s placement
The Camera block no longer counts as a physical object
Cannons can now be fired more than once by heat, when infinite ammo is turned on
Fixed an issue where mods would cause the title screen not to load on game launch
Fixed a bug where water particles would appear in unexpected places
Fixed a bug where rope would intersect with blocks attempting to be placed
Fixed bug where the COM would fail to update when machine is deleted or translated
Fixed bug preventing player building from under the floor in Zone 26
Fixed bug where transform tool failed to appear in middle of modded machines


More public functions available in the AssetImporter class.
VR player option enabled, allowing for easier VR modding.
Including the symmetry tool is very useful and doesnt leave that disappointment feeling after getting "just" a bug fix. If you do more bug bashes remember to include a cool thing too, even if its just one.

BTW is there a date for fixing the wheels physics?
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I will post any bugs the new update produces, so far skin toggle is glitchy during simulation, but works fine out of simulation.
Another bug: fire no longer triggers rockets to ignite or detonate.