Unity 5 Updater Review Summary (v0.12)

But Seriously tho

You guys did a lot of hard works and i think You should have a well deserved praise for that

So here's the good thing from the update aside from performance improvement
  • Higher block limits
  • Less wobbly piston
  • Better Balloon buoyancy
  • This advanced decoupler called "Peg"
  • Balanced Steam and Water propulsion
  • FPS Limit maximized
It's not much but that will do
steering blocks are better also. I havent fooled around with Peg much but she sounds like fun XD ....Also the improved physics weird me out cause I am so used to normal pool noodle Besiege physics. I think I will be rebuilding ..like.... everything.
Also, the SVG was already in the game, but it wasn't as bad as it is now. It's somewhere in my old AWV video, but I need to fix the DD now, so I don't have time to link.


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A lot of SVG stuff can be fixed by just putting a brace from one end to the other.
So many differing opinions on this update! I am getting an astonishing increase in block handling power 750 @ 60fps!! That is a game changer right there. The Pin or Peg is a quiet little block with huge potential. I remember being slightly underwhelmed when the water cannon was introduced... I have since changed my mind on that count! big time! My next video will be putting the pin to the fore with a cool use I have already discovered with it. Stay tooned!
I'm working my way thru all the other tweaks and changes but so far I am delighted with this update... good job devs !!! well done :)
Just wanted to chuck in my 10c's worth.
Using the pin is excellent for calibrating helicopters. Just lift If up a little so it starts airborne, then put a pin at the COM. This will allow the rotor(s) to achieve full speed when staying in the same place, instead of starting to accelerate when the simulation begins which cause it to drop a little. That drop could have an aerodynamic effect to unevenly placed wing panels or similar which can cause the illusion of an unstable machine.

What I'm trying to say is that the pin is great to check If the automatic speed is enough to keep it in place or if it tips over etc. Same goes for balloons bouyancy.

I love the pin!