Unique Zone Idea (None of them involve Water Level)

  • Rather than normal siege, enemy has anti air weaponry (Mages or Firework) , to destroy bomber and projectiles
  • It's Fort that can only destroyed by the Prototype (the rams with bombs)
  • Has a rather strong surface defence (lava?) so the player need to create a bomber rather than ground siege units
  • A trade caravan that has to be protected from soldier/bandits and Marksman (with a fire arrows) and other hazards
  • Battle against a strong and well constructed machine with core similar to your's (maybe.. beating them unlock new colour/skins for the core block)
  • The duke's other prototype, this one lift mini bombs on their leg and fly to you to drop a bomb from height (the might need the similar AI as the marksman to calculate velocity)
  • An underground zone, with spiders that attack machines and spits webs to jam your wheels and propellers
  • Give out a lot of square stacks and the mission is to stack up the blocks to a certain height and stability
  • Create machine to shape out a bridge, then move to another location and act as a bridge for troops and other machines to move
  • A Volatile/Expensive Cargo, the player has to transport it through hazards and slight bump cause failure
  • Extinguish a Field of crops or a series of building with your water cannon before they got burned off
  • Move your Aircraft trough a giant storm clouds and a huge typhoon that is slowly puling you trough it's centre and there is aerial Insignia as a checkpoint similar to other zones(Tolbrynd's weather right?)
  • Climb your machines trough a series of cliff and overhangs while marksmen tries to attack from a constructed platform
  • Slowly move trough a charred platform that is ready to crumble anytime, while marksmen trying to attack you
I'm probably going to input a lot more than this
So, if your Von or ITR, Save them in your note, You might need this someday


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I like the lava defense system, but won't long range artillery also do the tricks other than bombers?
I'm not sure about underground zone. The roof will be very limited I suppose?
I like your ideas, but maybe we can have metal walls as stronger defense, that can be only destroyed by very hot temperature and are only slightly damaged by explosives.
i sooo agree with huge spiders

maybe call it shelobs webs *lord of the rings reference*

i only disagree with the second one and the third one

the first one is a bunch of chinese people shooting fireworks strait up while you get to an insiga in mid air

portal level please

I like the ideas but I think instead of lava it could (on siege) have stones, big stones that block your way. That way you could also try making a crawler.