Unable to connect to Steam service

When the game is launched from Steam, the Steam screen overlay is available but the Workshop button is missing and the Multiverse can only connect through the region servers. (Same behavior as launched directly from executable)
I tried to reinstall Besiege, restart Steam client and restart the computer, but nothing works.
Every game installed on my computer work with Steam, except Besiege.

Apparently this bug was introduced in the Multiverse update.

Operating system : Windows 10 64-bit Build 17025.rs_prerelease.171020-1626
Version : 0.60.0-6338


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Do you start Besiege through steam or through a shortcut/the exe?


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Not sure then, best you can do it goes over.

You can always try subscribing to stuff through a browser or the steam browser, then manually copy the files over to your SavedMachines folder