Ultimate War Maschine with 6 Catapult, Flamethrower and Canons Fits in the Box!!


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The handling is easy:

Drive: Forward: [7]+[8]; Back: [4]+[5];Right:[4]+[8]; left:[7]+[5]
Catapult: 1 -6
Flame-throwerleft1: z
Flame-throwerleft2: h
Flame-throwerright1: t
Flame-throwerright2: g
Cannon: Turn: left ; right shoot: up shoot straight: down

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Its a .bsg file, try to save it in your besiege folder: Program Files \Steam\SteamApps\common\Besiege\Besiege_Data\SavedMachines) and load it with.
It's cool, combining catapults, cannons and flamethrowers as well as the max amount of each that can fit in the box.
The only issue I have is it way too compute heavy and I get 3 FPS (I have 3770K and 7970).

You might want to consider what blocks to remove without affecting the number of weapons on it so it requires needless physics simulation.

I did a similar machine with 5 catapult arms, with no cannons or flamethrowers, though. But it runs smoothly.
Hope that helps you get some ideas. You can build off of my machines and use them as starting point if you like, I don't mind.