UEF Tier 2 Gunship - The Stinger

The Stinger is a hovering gunship from the Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance RTS. It belongs to one of the four factions, the UEF. It is equipped with a Hell's Fury Riot Gun and does not do splash damage, however it is very effective against single target and is often used to attack structures. It is equipped with a docking clamp with which it can lift Tier 1 and Tier 2 units (of which I didn't include).

  • I and K: Moves the thrusters forwards and backwards.
  • J and L: Tilts the ship left and right. Used to stabilize the creation.
  • U and O: Moves the creations left and right.
  • M and N: Tilts the cockpit downwards and upwards
  • Left Shift: Turns thrusters on
  • Right Shift and Right Control: Raises and lowers the ship
  • B: Fires the cannon
  • Numbers 1-5: Camera views
Things To Keep In Mind:
  • It is over 900 blocks so, run it very slowly
  • It's not an exact re-creation but that's okay
  • When you turn to the side you also tilt
  • It is capable of veritcal takeoff and landing
  • The cockpit does sway up and down
  • It needs invicibility and infinite ammo
  • The bottom of the thrusters are the pillars
  • I am new to this whole making things for the workshop thing, so I could use some constructive criticism
    I hope you enjoy!
Click here for the workshop and here for the wiki page for this unit
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