Two new stabilization types: RSS and SBID


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(you will either need TGYD's Building Tools and Easy scale, or .bsg editing, but I am using the former in this guide)
okay, so after messing around, I invented two new types of stabilization: RSS and SBID.
RSS stands for Rope Stabilization System,
and SBID stands for Spring-Based Inertial Dampening.
since I invented RSS first, I'll start with it:
to start, you need a base, made of blocks ( I recommend scaling blocks or ballasts, as they are easy to modify):


you then place a rope ( don't worry, if done right this will be fireproof):

after you place the rope, you need to go into the rope's settings, and change the Z scale to exactly 0. 0.1 will not work, it has to be 0 exactly:

if you want to stabilize the pitch or roll axis, then you just need to scale every axis to 0, and you will be done: though I recommend you change the speed to a high number.
if you want to stabilize the yaw axis, you will need to do a few more steps:
firstly, you need to select the rope, and then rotate it so that the rope is perpendicular to the ground:

Optionally, you can translate the rope into the center of the blocks.
now, you could stop here, but if you want to make it fireproof, you need to scale the rope some more. I recommend you save it before this.
do NOT scale the rope to 0 in the X axis, this will make it permanently unusable. instead, I recommend using the value 0.0001, which makes it stable. the Y-axis can sometimes be scaled to 0, depending on the blocks you use.
for those who are curious or unable to make this using the guide, I have uploaded the file:



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because the initial post was already really long, I have decided to post the guide for SBID in a reply:
unlike RSS, SBID isn't a angular stabilization, it's a motion stabilization: essentially, it acts as a 'inertial dampener', slowing your machine down.
to start, you need a base, but unlike the RSS base, this is only scaffolding, it will be removed eventually.

now, you place 2 springs, with the starting point on your starting block, or whatever block you are using:

now, you need to scale the Z axis to 0, however this is temporary. you can also delete the scaffolding:

now, with TGYD's Build tools, you need to select everything, with the starting block selected last, and then deselect ONLY the starting block: this will make the selection centered. I recommend you move the springs to the center, and then you need to mirror it on the Z axis:

if done correctly, this will make the ends of the spring disappear, and when it does, you scale the Z scale of the springs back to normal.
the strength of the spring determines how strongly it will stabilize, but if it is too strong it can glitch and crash the game. I recommend a strength of around 5000, but you can do more, if you are careful.
you can stop there, but I recommend duplicating the springs and rotating them so they face every side:


now, when you press the key you chose, it will slow your machine. I have uploaded the file for this too, for the same reasons as why I uploaded the RSS example.