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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussions' started by Ross, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Ross

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    For the first time on my YouTube channel, I tried a building game other than Besiege: Robocraft. The engineering is a bit watered down compared to Besiege, since you have pre-packaged modes of transport and weapons that you simply select and put on your machine. So, there doesn't seem to be much room to excel like you can with the more open-ended Besiege.

    That said, it is fun and even addictive, and it's free to play. Below is the video in which I drive my first two robots. I also put them on the Robot Shop, but unfortunately, I can't link to them like I can then Steam Workshop. You have to access community machines through the game's interface.

  2. Displayter.

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    i know you play robocraft


    to be respectful...this is besiege forum not robocraft forum
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    In case you didn't realized, Ross properly post this on Off Topic Discussions
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    i now but he's gong way too much......
    it would make 100x more sense if he posted that on the robocraft forum......
    if they have a forum....
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    I've seen episodes of this game pop up in a few channels on YouTube, but I haven't actually watched any videos of it. Is there a goal or a bunch of missions like in Besiege, or is it just a sandbox?
  6. Ross

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    It's essentially vehicular combat. You build robots to fight in online competitions. The robots can have wheels, tank treads, legs, wings, and other modes of transport, and they can have any one of several types of weapons. Once you've built your robot, there are two team-based competitions and one bellum omnium contra omnes style competition in which you can fight, and I demonstrate the latter in my video.
  7. i
    p e r s o n a l l y
    find robocraft a bit too pay-to-win after a certain point (that point being anytime past the 3rd hour into the game in my opinion)
    but hey if you enjoy it then hats off to you m8

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