Transforming objects don't interact with stationary objects

If a transform event is moving an object that object will not interact with pushable objects that are currently stationary.
I suppose this is because you want to make the game perform better when most of the movable objects are stationary but then you should test the objects that aren't movable by the physics engine for collisions with objects that can be moved by the engine.
At the moment it does check for collisions as soon as the moving platform stops so if it stops while it is inside an object that is affected by the physics engine in will cause it to explode or fly away at a rapid speed. This makes making any kinds of doors, moving bridges and other moving objects very risky unless you somehow constantly gently push around every single object that is affected by the physics engine so that it's motion is calculated every single game tick which would severely limit the size of maps and it would be really tedious to do that.