Tracking Computer Block [ID:525/526][Besiege 0.4]

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Update 0.4:
-Added Locking Progress.
-Locking Image can be edited. It's under Blocks/Resources.
-Added Movie Mode. You can use the setting or the console to enable or disable it.
- Set Tracking Computer for taking movies, thus ignore overload, target lost, cloak, and allow customized locking timer.
- Use SetTrackingComputerMovieMode is console.
- Use "SetTrackingComputerLockingTimer 1.25” to set your tracking computer locking timer. 1.25 can be any number that not less than 0.
-Rearranged the turret mode. The rotating speed has been lowered but will always have the same overload edge regardless to canons mounted or not.
-Something something in modified tracking computer

Update to 0.32:
Just fixed some small problems

Update 0.3:
-Improved Cloaking field is lockable by tracking computer;
-Bonuses the knockback force of cannons mounting on Tracking Computers in Turret Tracking Computer mode/Cormack's Modified Tracking Computer by -40% / -90%
-Tracking Computer will automatically set its cannon power setting if there is only one cannon mounted on it.
-Increased the strength of rotation.
-Little increase of precision.
-Tracking Computers will overload if the acceleration is too high. Will notify by a small harmless explosion, burning and Message in Console. Please note that Tracking computers in Turret Tracking Computer mode without mounting any cannons will easily overload.
-Cormack's Modified Tracking Computer can active cannons mounted on it when using Mouse Mode and enabled the toggle of shooting by click.
-Missile Guidance Mode now allows 4 ways of guidance. Can be switched during simulation by a key; Will change its color when switching.
---White - Will calculate the velocity of target.
---Black - will directly directs to the target.
---Red - Will climb to the height you have set above the target and dive down to the target when it's horizontal distance is close enough.
---Yellow - Will keep its height on set height above the ground and climb up to the target when it's horizontal distance is close enough.
-Cormack's Modified Tracking Computer can toggle to its connection if there is no target.
-Cormack's Modified Tracking Computer can turn off it's vertical tracking.
-Cormack's Modified Tracking Computer can use a slider to adjust the bunus of less knockback and the overload limitation.

Ever feel like the missiles are too limited?
Ever want to make a turret by yourself that hit targets accurately?
Here, guys, is the new age of automatic!
You can even hit a supersonic plane with this new turret and a gun with 10 power!
This block can calculate the Trajectory and the hit point automatically, which makes it a sharpshooter!

Also, when it's on Missile Guidance Mode, it can even help your missile to hit fast-moving aircrafts without turning your camera!




(Pic by 王某 and EOS3565)


Precision slider decides how accurate the point it can calculate.
Calculation Per Second decides the frequency about updating the new point per second.
Cannon Slider is about calculating the speed of the projectile, which is normally the cannonball, so edit this slider to the same value to the power slider on the cannon that has been mount on it will provide better accuracy. You can also mount other weapon on the tracking computer block, just calculate by yourself that every 60 increased speed is 1 increased on the Cannon slider.

Modes(Only for Tracking Computer):
Turret Tracking Computer Mode:
  • Usually for calculating and rotating for aiming moving targets while the block itself is on a platform like a plane or a tank.
  • Usually mount cannons on the block.
  • Use same power slider as the cannon on it. Use 0 when you are using laser blocks for weaponry.
Missile Guidance Computer Mode:

  • Usually for calculating and rotating for a following moving target while using with proplusion moudles and warheads.
Camera Tracking Computer Mode:

  • Will look at the target uprightly. Usually use with first-person mode camera.
Lock Mode: Same as Turret Tracking Computer Mode.

Auto-Targeting(Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer)
  • Use the toggle to enable this function.
  • The ID slider decides which furthest block with the id the slider's value is will be targeted at the start of simulation.
Mouse Mode: Will follow mouse's direction, also can calculate the direction to shoot if you set in the mapper.

Distance From Camera(Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer and Mouse Mode):
  • The cross point of the directions mouse pointing andthe tracking computer is trying to point.
Disable Calculation(Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer and Mouse Mode)
  • By toggle on, the tracking computer will only follow mouse, but not calculating direction.
Please DO NOT lock on itself, or the game might crash.

1.8: Can be disabled by key or burning out.
1.81: Rewrite the acceleration definition of missile guidance computer mode so it hits better.
2.0: ①Added Mouse Mode on Modified Tracking Computer so it can follow mouse.
②Missile Guidance Computer Mode will automatically change its model to a missile.
③Turret Tracking Computer Mode will return to its rotation automatically if it has no target.

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Love this mod. Just wondering if you have any hints for designing missiles to work with it?
I've been finding it hard to make missiles which don't overshoot/undershoot.
Thanks. I've been investigating the effect of scaling the block. Beast mod but occasionally I get: "Infinity or nan floating point numbers appear when calculating matrices for collider." In the console and I have to restart the game. Still not quite sure what caused it but it was when I had pinned the white block which was set to track a target. The error seemed to happen as I got the target to move and the white block was still pinned.
Just wondering if you released this plane or if are you going to? For a pretty long time I've been trying to find a fast nice-looking plane that doesn't lag on gamespeed over 50%. And I'm just too ass-handed to make one myself.
Whats the best way to deal with heavier objects when they need to be rotated? I'm trying to build a cannon that can shoot down fast moving aircraft but to accommodate for the recoil its quite heavy as so can't turn fast enough.