Tower Defense single player levels.

How it works?
My idea is that after you finish something (e.g. the first island of the first world), a new mode / planet unlocks where you have to defend your tower. In this mode, you have to build your tower within the border, and you can not have more than [amount] of certain blocks in your tower. Your tower has to be above a certain amount of health (e.g. 50%) to win the level (after all the enemies have been defeated). Additionally, if (amount, e.g. 25%) of your tower falls outside of the border, you lose. As you progress through levels, new (already existing, e.g. suspension block) blocks for the Tower Defense mode unlock (At the beginning, only a few blocks are unlocked, like wooden blocks and braces.) This makes it so that you can't just make a really good tower at the beginning and use that for the remaining levels. When all levels have been defeated, an endless mode unlocks. It works in waves of enemies.
What do you defend against, and how?
The attackers, are of course, enemies and enemy machines. As you progress through levels, more (powerful) enemies and more (powerful) machines will start attacking the tower. The way to defend your tower against enemies offensively, is weapons. But since the enemies come from all directions, the player has to put saws on all sides of the tower. But since you can only put limited amounts of certain blocks on the tower, the player has to make all-directional weapons. And since cannons on wheels get boring and repetitive over time, why not add a target-seeking special weapon that you unlock for the rest of the game by doing this mode? (e.g. a target seeking mortar!) Adding rewards for these levels give the players a sense of progression which makes the game more fun (in my opinion).

Additional ideas: 1) Since the tower is loose from the ground, with nothing to support it, maybe add a (pinned) starting block to help the tower stand up. When levels progress, the amount of pinned starting blocks increase. 2) Why not also add this as a multiverse gamemode? 3) Obviously, there should be more rewards than just one for completing levels. One reward for example is; An official second skin pack! (One that takes the slot under the default skin pack in the small skin pack select menu.)
Additional note: Consider adding that if you turn on advanced building tools, you can not win a level, since it's a little cheat-ey. Same goes with mods!


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Somebody did a wave-based defense mod once, IIRC, maybe you'd like trying that? Not sure if it's updated to multiverse tho