Totem Pole the Unicycle [Sandbox Only]

Utilizing the new small wheels, the knights-have-fixed-vertical-orientation exploit, and a trick with current AI behavior, I give you what is possibly the smallest theoretically fully mobile+steerable vehicle in Besiege, at only 5 blocks and a knight!

And even if it's not the smallest, at least it's probably the silliest.

In order to use it, simply wait until a knight circling one of the tall wooden poles falls onto the grabber, then press J to decouple the decouplers. If this doesn't happen or you the knight you grab dies, simply restart; it shouldn't take more than two or three tries. Forward/backward will lean the vehicle, and left/right will turn it. It can only turn when fully upright, and because of some sort of weird glitch with the small wheel, it will for some reason always turn back toward the way it was going, even if you turn around 180 degrees. It's very bizarre! But at least the vehicle is steerable in theory.

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Can you make one with two segways? So it's possible to have some kind of race with them? XD
Oh god the knights have learnt how to use modern militiary technology...
How will our wooden and stone co traptions stand against knights in freacking segways of doom that will run around and over your poor cars and trucks?
Besiege is already at it's end!

Sorry for over-reacting.


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Hmm, maybe just use the level-editor or post-place mod then.