Torsion Suspension

Hey all,

This is something I created based on a mod request in the Modding forum- Torsion suspension. I considered that it must be possible in vanilla, especially with braces being able to go through solid blocks. So...
Torsion Suspension! Its not the best when fully loaded but each wheel has individual suspension and can be tightened further for heavier weights. The design can be vastly improved by you lovely people here, I'm sure, but this is more of a proof of concept. Plus the modding forum seemed to enjoy when I posted it.

It may not be too innovative, but if someone can create something better from it, then thats great! It is totally buildable in vanilla and, even though I have the rotation tool on screen, I didn't use any mods to make it.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

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I've come up with a second variation on this design- This one sacrifices resilience for stability on smaller inclines and bumps.
As you can see in the picture, all four wheels remain on the ground and as you tighten the suspension the wheels should remain parallel.
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Hope you like it.

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