Torque and Speed option for wheels?

Torque and speed slider instead of power for the wheel?

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What about a torque and speed slider for the wheels?
This would be helpfull for a lot of machines, for instance, crawlers need low speed, high torque drive.
Planes rather have high speed and low torque for propellers to prevent the plane from rolling because of the torque reaction.
As the situation is right now the wheels give a really unrealistic amount of torque when set very high.
and a terrible low amount of torque with a very low speed.
Of course there are workarounds for these situations but it would be a nice feature. (If actually possible)
I agree, especially since pretty much all good builders use mods to increase the wheel speed, which can lead to some insane and uncontrollable acceleration. A brake slider would also be handy so creations cant stop on a dime, and transition from forward to reverse in the blink of an eye.