Tog II heavy tank

The TOGII was a prototype British Tank developed on the outbreak of WWII in anticipation that it would soon break into trench warfare again when it did not the project was canceled. The TOGII was developed of the original WWI MkI, MKII, and MKIII tanks it was given a elongated chassis, separated crew compartment, turret, and two side doors to be used for sponson placements though they were never used. At the end of the development the tank weighed a total of 81.2 tones, and the gun used was the classic 7.62 Lb OQF 90mm gun. In besiege this tanks a bit different from other tanks I have made there is no suspension due to being based off of WWI tanks and the tracks being built in a much different style. And the tank is strangely fast in a straight line despite how heavy it is in game. For those who love World of Tanks or British tanks this is a must have on your subscription list.

TOGII front.jpg

crossing terrain
TOGII .jpg

TOGII rear.jpg

what the tog actually looks like

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