Titanhammer: colossal turret-mounted crossbow.

Hey guys, my most recent build; The Titan Hammer, colossal turret-mounted crossbow.

titan hammer.bsg

it fits into the standard build box.

it uses 8 springs to fire a bomb

it can fire clean from one side of the map and off the other, comfortably clearing the statue in the sandbox.


7/4 & 8/5 on the numpad to drive, tank steering style.

Left/Right turns the turret. turning is best left until the crossbow is ready.

T to move the bracing arms into position (G to go back) hold T until they touch the ground.

R to ready the crossbow, hold R until the springs go taught (F to move it back, if it somehow goes too far without breaking).

hold L to launch, press V to release. you'll need to either tap them so-damn-fast or go into ~5% speed. make sure to middle-click on the bomb to see where it's going.

Release the bomb when it goes between the crossbow arms.

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