Throttling Bug 2! It works!

And now, remember the old throttle bug? That old, big and ugly car?

Now, found another bug that's accessible, simple, and first of all, it works flawlessly! (It has its limitations)

The system:
A steering block is on a base block. The base block is connected to one of the sides of the blocks wich the steering block is trying to rotate. Behind the steering block, onto the base block, there is a powered wheel (output)
This doesn't work with unpowered wheels, and has only one output side. (Simple car example below)
I'm using decouplers as the blocks the steering block is trying to rotate because they have very resistant and weak joints (They can bend so much without breaking).

Filename for dl in the attachments: throttle.bsg

A very, very simple car with this system:

(Notice that the starting block is connected to the car only for measurements with the velocity counter mod, you can release it without getting problems)
The output wheel is connected to the wheel of the other side, of course with an unpowered wheel in the middle that permits "Unpowered large wheels"

Filename for dl in the attachments: throttlecar.bsg

Downloads in the attachments.

This is everything. Wonder how i found it? While building a steering system ._. gg

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Hmm, I can only make it go about as fast as regular big wheels on the max setting before it starts breaking apart


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I meant with your throttlecar.bsg :p