Three Simple, Stable Helicopter Designs (I need your feedback)

I have recently made three extremely similar helicopters stabilised using knights. They each use different methods to turn and they all have ups and downs. I would appreciate if you could download them and tell me which one is best. The first two bsg files are attached but the third is attached in a reply.

t/g = up/down
left/right = turn left/right
up/down = forwards/backwards

Option #1: torque

+ high speed
+ simple
- rolls to the left when turing right (and vice versa)

Option #2: different rotor speeds

+ extremely fast turning
+ simple
- rolls severely to the right when turing right (and vice versa)

Option #3: a mix of both

+ stable wien turning
- heavy
- turns slow

Attached Files
a stable helicopter.bsg
a stable helicopter2.bsg
My thoughts on each:
1: Very nice controls, enjoyable flight, overall, 8.5/10
2. The severe roll is extremely off putting, doesn't really make up for the fact it turns quickly, as the chopper itself can't pick up enough speed to need quick turning. 6/10
3. Same response as first, except the reduced roll is nice, personally I like this one the most, but only just, 9.5/10

I hope my input helps with your decision making :)