This is me, Bragging about my success.

I just wanted to brag how F-WORDing great I am. This is steam workshop top machines this week:

Those with a red border are mine. Can you understand it? 5 out of 9 machines on the front page are mine!
I mean, that's like 55%! Mother of god I'm awesome. I really needed this ego boost...

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o_O, why do they display as having 0 stars though?
They have to reach a limit of rateings before they get start. I think it's 30 rates or something. Unforturnately, not many rate...
Nice, but it's actually not that hard to reach the top of the week. If you post your designs on other sites and you are known there, it will get in the top and from there higher up. Congrats on making so many succesful designs a week though!