think biped problem is about solved. need a tip for legs

think biped problem is close to solved now.
could use some extra creative eyes on it.
all tips and help is welcome.
legs MUST be spring loaded.
its gonna be a runner.

and no its not his manhood hanging there.. its the thing that make it work.
that and the belly gyro that makes him lean forward by counter torgue.
legs and arm are cross connected to make kinda stability..
dont think the balloon is nessary but it have head size.
early early photos. project just 1 day old.

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Can you include some pictures of it at different angles, I won't be able to try it out for a few days maybe and I want to analyse it and see what your system is like!
now it gets spooky.
for fun i made human like legs and feet.
just to get proportions right.
well now it actually hold balance and walks :)

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