There should be a server browser

Should there be a server browser?

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This is just an example.
IMO there should be a server browser so people can quickly find servers, New comers to the game don't really know how to join servers, so a server browser would be a really nice feature.
This could help out the game aswell there would probably be allot more people playing the game, because its boring to not be able join games and fight other people.

I would love a server list, and the Spiderling team even confirmed they are working on this, but there are a few other things you should keep in mind for this.
  1. Anybody can join, and if you have 8 people trying to load giant machines your pc is gonna crash, and this could easily lead to trolling. Therefore, i highly suggest a lock/password for the server list for friends or for yourself (yes, they already have this for private multiplayer)
  2. This system should be identical to "We Need to go Deeper". So you should be able to control the amount of people that can join a server.
  3. Some servers should be run by spiderling on OP pc's and can be "empty" (0/8 people online) and not dissapear from a list. (This way, people can go nuts with gigantic modded pieces of crap and fight each other without lag.
  4. Finally, there shouldn't be any "open" servers, if you understand what i mean. Basically, a server only appears on the list if it was created and the host is online. If the host leaves, the friends can stay on afterwards, but when they leave they cannot join back, because we really dont need 300 servers going simultaneously.
Anyways, i fully support this, but dont worry, they will almost definitely add this to the game in the future.